Iran to launch sea voyages to Dubai



Iran to launch sea voyages to Dubai

The launch of new sea links connecting Kish and Qeshm islands to Dubai and Oman in the Persian Gulf will boost tourism and economic growth in Iran’s free trade zones

The initiative, announced by Hojatollah Abdolmaleki, the secretary of Iran’s Free Zones High Council, aims to expand maritime routes for tourists and recreational activities.

Kish and Qeshm islands could become key centres for maritime tourism with a focus on developing passenger traffic and attracting private sector investment. This is reported by
Tehran Times, a partner of TV BRICS.

Emphasising the importance of developing inland sea routes, Abdolmaleki noted the potential of Kish and Qeshm islands to connect with countries on the southern shores of the Persian Gulf.

The secure environment provided by the free trade zones is expected to encourage both domestic and foreign tourists to visit these islands, contributing to their economic development.

Experts emphasise that tourism on Kish and Qeshm islands plays a crucial role in creating jobs, generating revenue and improving infrastructure. By facilitating cultural exchange and sustainable tourism development, these islands can strengthen their position as major tourist destinations in the region.





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