Iranian steel induwtry grows by 5.1 per cent



Iranian steel induwtry grows by 5.1 per cent

The country’s steel industry has been growing strongly over the past years

Iran’s exports of steel products increased by 5.1 percent in the first ten months of the current year (March 21, 2023-January 20, 2024) compared to the same period last year. Bahram Sobhani, chairman of the Iranian Steel Producers Association (ISPA), said.

Iran’s steel industry has been developing vigorously over the past years.

By 1404 Iranian calendar year (March 2025), the country is expected to rise to the seventh place among the world’s leading steel producers.

According to the latest report published by an international industry association, Iran’s alloy production reached three million tonnes in November 2023, up 7.6 percent from the previous month.

In the first 11 months of 2023, the Islamic Republic produced 28.1 million tonnes of crude steel, up 0.6 percent over the same period of 2022, the report said.

Iran retained its place as the world’s 10th largest steel producer during the period.

According to the report, China, India, Japan, the US and Russia were the world’s top steel producers in the first 11 months of 2023. This is reported by
Tehran Times.





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