Iran’s economic council holds its first meeting of year



Iran’s economic council holds its first meeting of year

The president said that the country’s enterprises should pay attention to the slogan of the 1403rd Iranian year

During a meeting of Iran’s economic council, President Ebrahim Raisi said all sectors of production, including oil, agriculture, energy, industry and mining, should focus on implementing the slogan of 1403 Iranian year beginning 20 March 2024 to boost “production growth”.

The President emphasised the government’s main task of fully supporting the production of basic commodities and ensuring stability in the sector.

He also expressed the importance of increasing labour productivity in various sectors of the economy and the need to control factors affecting economic performance. This is reported by
IRNA, a partner of TV BRICS.

In other speeches, the Iranian president described in more detail the requirements and prerequisites for the successful implementation of the New Year slogan of production growth.





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