Kazakhstan actively co-operates with the BRICS countries to strengthen economic and political ties



Kazakhstan actively co-operates with the BRICS countries to strengthen economic and political ties

One of the main areas of cooperation between Kazakhstan and BRICS is trade and economic integration

Kazakhstan develops relations and participates in investment projects with this group of countries. In addition, Kazakhstan attracts investments from BRICS countries to develop its economy. This is reported by Delovoy Kazakhstan , a partner of TV BRICS.

An important area of co-operation is energy. Kazakhstan has significant reserves of natural resources such as oil, gas and uranium and is of great interest to the BRICS countries. BRICS countries are actively investing in energy projects and participating in the development of new deposits in Kazakhstan.

In addition to economic co-operation, Kazakhstan also actively participates in BRICS political and diplomatic initiatives. The country supports the strengthening of the international role of this group of countries and favours greater cooperation.

At the fifth BRICS+ International Municipal Forum in St Petersburg in November this year, the BRICS countries will consolidate the results already achieved and implement plans.

Currently, BRICS already exceeds the economic potential of the G7 and controls major trade routes on the Eurasian continent.

In 2023, more than 40 countries have expressed their desire to join BRICS, which shows its political and economic weight. 

The forum will be attended not only by BRICS members, but also by other countries aiming at international co-operation. Participation in the forum will allow to establish new contacts and develop projects with representatives and business circles of countries from different regions of the world. Such platforms attract the attention of participants from all over the world, as they provide an opportunity to choose economic partners and develop equal co-operation.





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