More than 400 dinosaur footprints are found in China



More than 400 dinosaur footprints are found in China

They were discovered in the Chinese province of Yunnan

As experts reported, some of the dinosaur footprints were well preserved. An on-site determination showed that the rock layers containing the dinosaur tracks date back to about 120 million years ago, said Wang Tao, head of the Dinosaur Fossil Protection and Research Centre in Lufeng.

Wang said the fossils can be divided into three types: large footprints resembling those of sauropods such as diplodocs; footprints resembling those of theropods such as tyrannosaurs; and footprints with prominent depressions at the front end, indicating that the dinosaurs walked with their toes touching the ground and may have belonged to stegosaurs or ankylosaurs. This is reported by
Xinhua News Agency, a partner of TV BRICS.

It is emphasised that the first traces of dinosaurs in Yunnan province were discovered by local residents who were herding sheep. They reported it to the Department of Natural Resources, after which excavations began. More than 400 dinosaur footprints were found.

Specialists are carrying out further study of the territory.





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