Namibia praises Iran’s nanotechnology capabilities and potential



Namibia praises Iran’s nanotechnology capabilities and potential

Iran’s Nanotechnology Development Headquarters has offered to assist Namibia in formulating a nanotechnology development policy and transferring Iranian expertise

The secretary of the headquarters for the Nanotechnology Initiative Council, Emad Ahmadvand, and the special advisor to the Namibian president have discussed avenues to enhance cooperation between the two countries in nanotechnology.

During the meeting, the Namibian official praised Iran’s capabilities and potential in the field of nanotechnology. Discussions were held on enhancing co-operation between the two countries, during which three areas for collaboration were identified. This is reported by
Tehran Times, a partner of TV BRICS.

Education was also highlighted as a potential area of co-operation, with proposals for co-operation in school, tertiary, postgraduate education and short-term training of professors.

Another proposal was the establishment of a nanotechnology research centre in Namibia using Iranian-made equipment. Iran’s global leadership in the field of nanotechnology was noted, with notable achievements in scientific publications and sales of nanoproducts placing the country fourth in the world.

The growth of nanotechnology industries worldwide has contributed significantly to global GDP, job creation and scientific progress. Iran’s success in the field of nanotechnology is attributed to its expertise and resources directed towards innovation and technology.





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