Nicolas Maduro: Venezuela and China are building a joint future



Nicolas Maduro: Venezuela and China are building a joint future

According to the Bolivarian leader, the two countries have exemplary relations

At the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is visiting China from 8 to 14 September. In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, the Bolivarian leader highlighted various aspects of the strategic relationship between his country and the Asian nation.

“China and Venezuela, maintaining friendly relations and sharing a common destiny, seek peace, development and cooperation. Between China and Venezuela there is an exemplary relationship”

Nicolas Maduro President of Venezuela

“I believe that relations between the governments and peoples of China and Venezuela are relations of mutual trust, true brotherhood and cooperation for common development,” stressed the head of state.

Maduro praised the productive nature of the bilateral relations and expressed Venezuela’s strong support for China’s vision of creating a global community that values the world’s diversity and various civilizations.

He highlighted that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s proposed path unites people across different domains such as the economy, trade and culture, while also paving the way to move away from the old era of colonialism and imperialism. Maduro also commended China’s efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He further explained that Venezuela is making strides in constructing a new economic model by diversifying its production. He underscored that the international community now has a unique opportunity to contribute to the development of a multipolar world, one that is not dominated by any single country or group.

He said that dozens of developing countries are helping humanity to reunite and regain the right to happiness, equality, freedom and democracy, as reported by teleSUR, a partner of TV BRICS.





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