Port of Santos to receive a R$12.6 billion investment between 2024 and 2028



Port of Santos to receive a R$12.6 billion investment between 2024 and 2028

This is the largest amount of resources used for the expansion and modernisation of a major port complex in the Southern Hemisphere

Brazil’s main port of Santos will receive a record R$12.6 billion (US$12.6 billion) investment to modernise and expand its infrastructure. Brazilian Minister of Ports and Airports Silvio Costa Filho announced the funds, which will be invested in the port over the next four years. This is reported by
Agencia CMA, a partner of TV BRICS.

This investment is expected to contribute significantly to the economy and provide a boost to tourism in the Baixada Santista region.

“All of the announced works will go a long way towards boosting business tourism here in Baixada Santista. These investments will be fundamental to the development of the region. This is why we have made it mandatory to announce this strategic plan, so that not only the federal government, the state government, but the entire Brazilian society can follow Brazil’s development,” said Costa Filho.

The main projects to be undertaken include the construction of Latin America’s first coast-to-coast immersion tunnel, the deepening of the access channel and berths, and the relocation of the passenger terminal.

In addition, the expansion of the Guaruja airport in Sao Paulo is also planned. These new investments will contribute to the development of the port and increase its competitiveness.





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