South Africa is hosting the Africa Border Security Week, set to take place from 19 – 20 June at Aha Gateway Hotel in Durban. This premier event will bring together leading experts, professionals, and enthusiasts from around the world to discuss ground-breaking developments and future trends in border security.

Africa Border Security Week is a regional event aimed at enhancing border security in Africa, using smart border control technologies. The event is earmarked to serve the three border environments by bringing together C-level executives from air borders, land borders, and the maritime environment. Africa Border Security Week will look at safe and secure border and migration management technologies. The event will address the latest challenges and issues impacting border security in Africa.

This annual event brings together a diverse lineup of speakers and panellists who offer in-depth insights, as well as actionable and practical models, methods, and mechanisms that have worked in other countries.

The renowned leaders in the Border Management Industry, will address the event with the aim of sharing insights on border security in Africa.

Some of the speakers include executives from the Border Management Authority of South Africa and international speakers include:
• Mr. Aaron Munetsi, Chief Executive Officer, Airlines Association of Southern Africa
• Admiral David Mkhonto, Chief Director Maritime Strategy, SA Navy
• Ms. Respect Gono, Chief Immigration Director, Zimbabwe Department of Immigration
• Mr. Japhet Lishomwa, Director General, Zambia Department of Immigration
• Mr Sanusi Tasiu Saulawa, Ph.D, Assistant Comptroller (AC), Nigeria Customs Service
• Mr. Kennedy Simenda, Chief Immigration Officer, Zambia Department of Immigration

During panel discussions, industry experts will engage and provide diverse perspectives and in-depth analysis on border management issues and solutions.

The event provides networking opportunities allowing attendees to connect and collaborate. Media is invited to attend.

“We are thrilled to host the Africa Border Security Week. This conference represents a unique opportunity for professionals in border security to come together, exchange ideas, and foster innovations. Our goal is to create an environment that inspires and equips attendees with the knowledge and connections they need to drive progress in their respective areas.” said the Event Director.


Conference Registration Information:
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14 JUNE 2024

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