Putin considers it is important to develop the export of space products to the SCO and BRICS



Putin considers it is important to develop the export of space products to the SCO and BRICS

The President announced this at a meeting on the development of the space industry

Vladimir Putin recognises the growing development of markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America and emphasizes the need for organisations to expand their technological capabilities and create new segments of the economy, as reported by

The president believes that federation should actively support these aspirations.

“Today, the markets of Asia, Africa, and Latin America are developing more and more actively. Our partners from the CIS, EAEC, SCO, BRICS and other associations also have large-scale socio-economic plans. They are ready to form new segments of the economy and increase their technological potential.”

In this way, the goal is to create accessible and high-quality space services that will benefit citizens, businesses, and authorities at all levels. It is also necessary to have the intention to leverage geoinformation products and technologies for remote sensing of the Earth, with the goal of tackling environmental and climate concerns, facilitating territorial development, and expanding transportation and logistics routes such as the Northern Sea Route.

During the meeting, questions were raised regarding the strategy for the development of the rocket and space industry in Russia. The focus was on plans to use our sovereign scientific achievements and cooperative international research to maximize the potential of near space and low-Earth orbit. At the same time, the main goal is more efficient use of our rocket and space industry as a resource for the development of economy and regions of the Russian Federation, as well as the creation of new opportunities for citizens.

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