Representatives of the BRICS countries note the importance of the green agenda on the margins of the EEF



Representatives of the BRICS countries note the importance of the green agenda on the margins of the EEF

Experts identified key steps to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

The green agenda is one of the central topics in the BRICS dialogue. On the margins of the Eastern Economic Forum, experts from the five BRICS countries told TV BRICS in their exclusive commentaries how much attention the bloc’s countries pay to the implementation of ESG principles (environment, social policy and corporate governance).

Ilangovan Angaya, director of an Indian energy company, said that following the principles of the green agenda is a complex task.

“Actually the entire energy consumption needs to be transitioned to the clean energy, which is such a mammoth task. No single country can afford not just financially, by all means, but also technically. So the collective synergistic strengths of all the countries put together only will be able to reach this summit of such a great challenge,” he said.

Percy Morapedi Koji, President of the Pan-African Business Organisation, explained how youth can make an impact on the sustainable development goals.

“As South Africa, as Africa, we are looking forward to working so much with our counterparts within the BRICS block. I think there’s young people like myself who was invited to participate and who’s first time visitor in Russia.  It’s a great positive step in the right direction because then it shows that Russian government and Africa as a continent believes in young people. Young people must be invited to participate. Women should also take leadership positions, must be given the platform to have the opportunities to implement what they think. And that will help in actually contributing to the ESG,” said Percy Morapedi Koji.

The VIII Eastern Economic Forum is taking place in Vladivostok on 10-13 September. On Tuesday, 12 September, Russian President Vladimir Putin will take part in the plenary session.





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