Researchers find ancient lipstick in Iran



Researchers find ancient lipstick in Iran

The decorated lipstick bottle dates back to the Bronze Age

Researchers at the University of Tehran (Iran), studying artefacts from Jiroft in Kerman province in south-eastern Iran, have discovered a small vial of chlorite that appears to have served as a container for red cosmetic paste or lipstick in the Bronze Age.

Scientists have analysed with the help of modern technologies and found that this vial contains mineral components of red substance (red ironstone hematite, manganese oxide, braunite) mixed with galena, plant waxes and other organic substances. This is reported by
Tehran Times, a partner of TV BRICS.

Also found in the bottle were plant fibres, probably creating a special smell, and traces of quartz. It may have been used to add lustre to the lips.

Researchers suggest that the artefact from Jiroft is the oldest lipstick known to date. It was previously believed that the first civilisation to have advanced cosmetic practices was ancient Egypt.





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