Russia and Brazil celebrate the anniversary of diplomatic relations



Russia and Brazil celebrate the anniversary of diplomatic relations

3 October 2023, marks the 195th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Brazil⁠

On 3 October 1828, a decree was signed on the appointment of the first Russian ambasador to this country, Franz Borel, but the formation of ties between Russia and Brazil began in 1811 with the appointment of the first Russian consul general in Rio de Janeiro.

Today’s Russian-Brazilian relations are characterised as a strategic partnership based on mutual respect and trust. Both states cooperate in addressing many global challenges.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov emphasises that Russia and Brazil are jointly working towards the formation of a just and democratic world order based on the sovereign equality of states.

One of the most active areas of cooperation is interaction within the BRICS grouping. Regular summit meetings and intensive political contacts contribute to the strengthening of relations.

Brazil remains an important trade partner of Russia in Latin America, and the volume of trade turnover in 2022 exceeded $8 billion, demonstrating a 7% year-on-year growth.

In addition, Russia and Brazil successfully cooperate in scientific, educational, cultural and humanitarian fields, as reported by Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

An important achievement is the continuity and further development of friendly relations between the two countries. Russia expresses its interest in continuing successful cooperation and strengthening bilateral relations.





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