Russia and UAE develop co-operation



Russia and UAE develop co-operation

UAE Ambassador to Moscow said that the UAE and Russia have made significant progress in developing their relations

Mohammed Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE Ambassador to Moscow noted that trade between the two countries totalled nearly $10bn in 2022, which is 95% higher than last year. This is reported by

In addition, the number of flights between the UAE and Russia has reached 275 per week, facilitating tourist exchanges and strengthening cultural and humanitarian cooperation.

The UAE is ready to continue working to develop partnership with Russia and other BRICS countries to achieve common interests and prosperity.

During the 15th summit of the BRICS inter-state grouping, it was decided to invite six more countries – Argentina, Iran, Ethiopia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the


The expansion of the association will increase the group’s economic influence of the group. The BRICS, established in 2009, currently represents about 40 per cent of the world’s population and more than a quarter of the world’s GDP.

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