Russia becomes the leader in oil product exports to Brazil



Russia becomes the leader in oil product exports to Brazil

Last month the country supplied 920 thousand tonnes of oil derivatives

Brazil in August this year increased imports of oil products from Russia to 920 thousand tonnes, which is three times more than the volume of purchases from the United States, according to the database of the Brazilian customs.

Calculations show that Brazil increased its purchases of oil derivatives from Russia 2.1 times last month, while the value of imports rose 2.4 times to $672.8 million. This is a record for Moscow in terms of supplies to Brasilia in both monetary and absolute terms.

The second largest supplier was the United States, which reduced exports by a third, to 311.3 thousand tonnes, and revenue by 25 per cent, to $281.2 million.

Third place went to India. From there, Brazil imported 164,500 tonnes of oil derivatives worth US$155.2 million (about R$773.9 million), 2.6 times more in absolute terms and 3.1 times more in monetary terms than in the previous month.

In addition, more than 100 thousand tonnes of oil derivatives were supplied to Brazil by the Netherlands, Peru and Saudi Arabia, as reported by Toda Palavra, a partner of TV BRICS.





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