Russia Venezuela sign 16 cooperation agreements



Russia and Venezuela sign 16 cooperation agreements

The authorities also considered issues related to Venezuelan President Maduro’s visit to Russia

Russia and Venezuela signed 16 cooperation agreements on energy, oil, tourism, culture and education during the 17th meeting of the Russia-Venezuela High-Level Intergovernmental Commission (CIAN) that was held in Moscow.

“After a fruitful work, we recognise the outstanding efforts of the technical teams of both delegations that achieved the signing of these agreements,” said Venezuela Oil Minister Pedro Tellechea.

The Russian government also announced the signing of agreements related to maritime transport, media, cultural and scientific cooperation. In addition, the two sides discussed preparations for a possible visit of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to Russia.

Tellechea underscored that these agreements focus on ‘aspects that contribute to the enhancement of mutually beneficial relations, with the aim of making a more significant contribution to the establishment of a new, equitable, and all-encompassing international order.’

Among the notable agreements is a memorandum of understanding between the Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA and a Russian firm, which concerns the maintenance of pumping turbines. Furthermore, they reached an agreement regarding the exploration of new fields in Venezuela.

Additionally, PDVSA entered into another memorandum with the Karpinski Geological Research Institute (VSEGEI) to collaborate on geological research, provide technical guidance, and offer employee training.

A tourism agreement was also signed by Russia, which includes a cooperation plan for 2024-2026. This initiative will be overseen jointly by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and the Venezuelan Ministry of Tourism.

The event also saw the signing of memorandums of understanding related to cooperative projects in professional and technical education. The intergovernmental commission also addressed issues concerning intellectual property.

The Bolshoi Theatre signed a memorandum with the Venezuelan Teresa Carreño Theatre Foundation. In addition, the Russian Federal Youth Agency Rosmolodiozh formalised its cooperation with the Venezuelan Ministry of Sport.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak noted the successes of Moscow and Caracas in the fields of culture, education and sports. He mentioned the recent opening of the Open Education Center in Caracas, where Russian language classes are held, as reported by
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