Russian student develops app that warns of bumps on roads



Russian student develops app that warns of bumps on roads

The project is aimed at ensuring the safety of motorists

Maxim Kano, a first-year student of Omsk State Technical University (omSTU), a partner of TV BRICS, has developed a mobile application for Android smartphones, with the help of which, according to his idea, users will be able to learn about road defects and move around the city safely.

The interface is a map that displays information about the condition of city streets. Each motorist can supplement it, noting the unevenness detected on the roads.

In addition to improving traffic safety, the developer has set another goal – to improve the quality of logistics services. According to him, bad roads either create a risk of damage to the things being transported or force to drive slower, because of which clients of various services have to wait longer for their order.

Maxim Cano is now working on introducing such features as displaying information about bumps in the form of graphic markers, showing the user’s location and using sound signals to warn of dangers on the road.

The developer believes that among the prospects of his project is co-operation with leading companies in the market, whose map services are used by citizens every day. He also noted the possibility of using professional machines to assess the road surface and developing his own methodology for this process.

“Due to the poor quality of some sections of the road, the situation on the roads can become dangerous. For example, when hitting an unexpected pothole or hill, a driver can lose control and create an emergency situation. I have experienced the problem of bad roads personally, which is why I chose this topic. I work on the project alone, and I do it with pleasure. I started to develop it several years ago, I presented it at many competitions as a schoolboy. Now I have reached a new level and present my ideas to the scientific and student community,” said Maxim Kano.

Currently, the young man is studying at the first year of the Faculty of Information Technologies and Computer Systems and plans to open the possibility of testing the application for everyone.

Photo: Omsk State Technical University 




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