Russian universities analyse interaction within BRICS and BRICS+



Russian universities analyse interaction within BRICS and BRICS+

Experts shared their views on the economic potential of the association, interaction in the field of technology, and discussed the challenges as well as opportunities of BRICS

The Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) and St. Petersburg University together with BRICS Research Institute (Durban University of Technology) organised a series of events dedicated to BRICS.

The 7th International Conference on Business Management in the Digital Economy and a dialogue on entrepreneurial ecosystems of the BRICS club countries were held in St. Petersburg. TV BRICS is the media partner of the event.

The conference included an open lecture on “BRICS Club Countries: Challenges and Opportunities”, specially designed for university students. The lecture, delivered by 10 delegates from the BRICS Research Institute, aimed to educate the younger generation on the intricacies and prospects of the BRICS countries, fostering a deeper understanding of the global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Sergey Polyakov, Vice Chair of the Finance Committee of Saint Petersburg, spoke about the integration of digital technologies into the city’s public finance system.

The BRICS Dialogue was held at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) in the Russian capital. The event brought together a delegation of nine professors and PhD candidates from the BRICS Research Institute to explore, discuss and chart the way forward for international relations, academic cooperation and economic integration among the BRICS countries.

Professor Asaadi Marzieh from University of Golestan Iran said, “Through dialogue, we are unraveling the complex tapestry of global governance and its implications for our common future,” thus expressing the essence of the discussions aimed at deciphering the complexities of geopolitical dynamics.

The discussions were organised in thematic panels, each addressing a different aspect of international relations, development and cooperation within the BRICS consortium.

The range of topics discussed was very broad and included such issues as global governance in the context of contemporary geopolitical challenges, cooperation opportunities offered by the BRICS Network University, nuances of Russian-Indian cooperation, prospects for security and development on the African continent, and the dynamics of economic relations between Russia and Brazil.

Photo: MGIMO /  SPbU




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