Saudi Arabia conducts oil spill response drills



Saudi Arabia conducts oil spill response drills

Emergency services use satellites and special modelling software

On the coast of the Saudi city of Tabuk, exercises are being held to respond to environmental emergencies or oil spill incidents. This is reported by
Arab News.

Saad Al-Matrafi, the centre’s official spokesman, said that the regular holding of such events helps the development of technologies used by emergency services. He explained that the training is conducted in several stages using satellites.

A scenario of the spread of a leak in the water and its impact on the coast is modelled for the staff. They learn hands-on techniques to contain pollution and reduce its impact on the region’s marine environment.

The two-day exercise, called Response 14, is part of the Kingdom’s strategy to maintain a balance in the environment. The exercise is being carried out in cooperation with 39 public and private services under the supervision of the National Centre for Environmental Compliance.





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