Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Morocco organise a three-day reading marathon



Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Morocco organise three-day reading marathon

More than a quarter of a million pages were read during the event

One of the goals of the marathon was to plant a tree for every 100 pages read. Participants in the marathon read 326,250 pages, which equates to planting 2,504 trees.

Physical books require many trees to print, so planting new trees helps offset this loss.

Participants registered at the library during business hours and received a QR code to use during the event. They also received a bookmark and notepad. When they finished reading, they reported the number of pages read in a log. This is reported by
Arab News.

One of the participants of the event Abdulrhman Al-Qahtani, shared his experience and said: “I have a ritual of reading every afternoon during the weekend, but this time, it’s with an even greater purpose. Normally, people read for their own personal pleasure or growth but this was an opportunity to do what I already do – and the world would also benefit.”





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