Saudi Arabia launches project to protect heritage and nature



Saudi Arabia launches project to protect heritage and nature

Nature conservation is the main priority of the Soudah Peaks project

Saudi Arabia plans to restore about 200 heritage sites in country. This is reported by
Arab News. The work will be carried out in such a way as to preserve the authentic nature and natural splendour of the area.

According to the source, the Soudah Peaks project puts sustainable environmental practices at the forefront, ensuring the protection of the natural landscapes, cultural heritage, and unique architectural style of the region.

The project also aims to create a favourable place for mountain tourism at an altitude of 3015 metres above sea level in the Asir region of southwestern Saudi Arabia. In accordance with the goals of the Saudi Green Initiative, only 1 per cent of the project area of 627 square kilometres was allocated for building.

According to the source, Saudi Arabia is focused on protecting the environment and mitigating the effects of climate change. Several environmental initiatives are already being implemented in the country, most notably the afforestation project, which aims to plant more than a million trees by 2030 in support of the Saudi Green Initiative and help offset carbon dioxide emissions by 4 per cent.

165,000 native trees have already been planted in the country, species such as juniper, wild acacia, Dodonaea and katam (wild olive). This was implemented in collaboration with the National Center for Vegetation Cover Development and Combating Desertification to help achieve ecological balance and resilience to climate change.





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