Saudi Arabia to host 2034 World Cup



Saudi Arabia to host 2034 World Cup

It was the only bidder

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation has published on its website the official bid to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup in the country.

The campaign slogan was chosen as the phrase “Growing. Together.” The federation said the slogan intends to establish a parallel between the country’s rapid transformation in football and the positive impact on both international football and the tournament itself. This is reported by
CGTN, a partner of TV BRICS.

“Telling our football story to the world is of massive importance. And we believe Growing. Together. is the perfect, yet simple description of our approach to hopefully hosting the tournament in 10 years’ time,” Yasser Al Misehal, president of the SAFF, said in the statement.

FIFA will vote at the end of 2024 to decide whether Saudi Arabia will host the 2034 World Cup, but as there are no other bidders in the race, the tournament is likely to return to the Middle East.





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