South African city empowers youth through Green Jobs Youth Expo



South African city empowers youth through Green Jobs Youth Expo

The aim of the exhibition was to show young people the opportunities to work in the green industry

Johannesburg’s Department of Environment and Infrastructure Services, in partnership with an energetic local organisation, held a Green Jobs Youth Expo.

The exhibition brought together hundreds of students from across the city to learn more about green initiatives and find inspiration to develop into green businesses and careers.

The goal of the expo was to expose young people to job opportunities in the green industry and introduce them to renowned leaders and speakers in the industry. This is reported by
Pretoria News, a partner of TV BRICS.

The event aimed to attract young people from a variety of backgrounds and offered the opportunity to learn about green career paths, green professions and growth prospects in the green economy.

Topics covered included green careers, water for the future, green transport, rural development, setting up green companies, green communications and building green cities.

Johannesburg already has an approved climate action plan that is being successfully implemented in all areas of city operations.

This exhibition was not only about job opportunities, but also about creating a sustainable future and ensuring a bright and green city for everyone in the city.





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