South Africa’s ambassador to Iran outlines benefits of BRICS expansion



South Africa’s ambassador to Iran outlines benefits of BRICS expansion

He spoke about the important role of the BRICS countries on the world stage

The BRICS enlargement will give Iran access to major markets and provide new opportunities for trade between the member countries of the association. This was stated by South African Ambassador to Iran Francis Molloy.

“BRICS countries play an important role on the world stage. The expansion of the alliance will open access to major markets for us,” said Molloy.

He also noted that South Africa and its people have looked at Iran’s cultural, sporting and economic issues differently after Iran’s accession to BRICS adding, “We look forward to sending students from South Africa to Iran.”

In addition, according to the South African ambassador in Tehran, there is a special department at the embassy to help South African businessmen to work in Iran, as well as to provide Iranian businessmen with advice and assistance on doing business in South Africa. Discussions are underway to set up a bilateral economic council so that businessmen from the two countries can get to know each other better. This is reported by
IRNA, a partner of TV BRICS.

Iran, Egypt, Egypt, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and the UAE joined BRICS on 1 January 2024. At the XV summit in August 2023, BRICS leaders decided to approve the applications of these states to join the association. Iran decided to join BRICS after joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), according to a statement by the republic’s President Ebrahim Raisi.

Iran became a full member of the SCO in July 2023.

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