The final meeting of the BRICS Sherpas and Sous-Sherpas Year was held in South Africa



The final meeting of the BRICS Sherpas and Sous-Sherpas Year was held in South Africa

The Russian delegation made a presentation of the association’s work plans for 2024

From 30 November to 3 December in Durban (South Africa), the final meeting of this year’s BRICS Sherpas and Sous Sherpas took place with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Federation, Russian Sherpa in BRICS Sergey Ryabkov. This is reported by the official
website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the meeting a discussion was held on the development and strengthening of strategic partnership within the BRICS framework, taking into account the forthcoming expansion of the association.

The South African side presented a report on the results of its presidency, covering political and security, economic and financial, as well as cultural and humanitarian aspects of the partnership.

An important turning point during the South African BRICS Chairmanship was the expansion of the BRICS membership. Particular importance was also attached to building partnerships with developing countries, including during the Global South Summit in August, meetings of BRICS High Representatives and Foreign Ministers.

The Russian delegation presented the BRICS work plans for 2024, with a focus on the inclusion of new participants in multipolar co-operation. It is also planned to develop modalities for a new category of “partner states” of the association.

Strengthening foreign policy coordination, combating terrorism, money laundering and information security, as well as recovering illicitly acquired assets will be important priorities.

Special attention will also be paid to the implementation of the BRICS Economic Partnership Strategy 2025 and the Action Plan for Innovative Cooperation 2021-2024. The Russian Chairmanship will also work to increase the role of the BRICS countries in the global financial system and develop interbank co-operation.

The importance of further co-operation in culture, sports and youth exchanges was also emphasised. During the event in Durban, meetings were held with representatives of South Africa, the People’s Republic of China, Ethiopia, India, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

All partners supported the plans of the Russian BRICS Chairmanship and expressed their readiness for practical co-operation and strengthening the position of the association in the international arena.





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