The National Conference on Education starts in Brazil



The National Conference on Education starts in Brazil

The event aims at establishing guidelines for the country’s education sector

On Sunday, 28 January, the Brazilian federal government opened the three-day National Conference on Education (Conae 2024) in Brasilia. The event brings together representatives from civil society, educational segments, social sectors and government organisations. The conference aims at developing guidelines, goals and strategies in the education for the next decade.

This year’s main theme is “National Education Plan 2024-2034 (PNE 2024-2034): public policies that guarantee education as a human right, social justice and sustainable socio-environmental development”.

The importance of PNE 2024-2034 is to define national education goals with shared responsibilities between the government, states, federal district and municipalities, which have to be achieved by 2034.

The conference also aims at strengthening federal co-operation in education and to ensure the participation of society in the formulation of public education policies. This is reported by
Brasil 247, a partner of TV BRICS.





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