The President of Brazil signed the law about homelessness policy



The President of Brazil signed the law about homelessness policy

Measures aim at ensuring access to work, school and housing

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva signed the law, creating the National Homelessness Policy (Política Nacional de Trabalho Digno e Cidadania para População em Situação de Rua).

The project was initiated by a federal deputy Erika Hilton.

“This is the law that I am very proud of. It is the first federal law that establishes national policy for this population,” said Hilton.

The measure provides grants for those who take vocational courses or improve their education. It provides grants for food and travel, promotes education and income opportunities for the homeless. This is reported by
TV CULTURA, a partner of TV BRICS.

The project will be implemented through a joint effort between states and municipalities. They will be able to sign agreements with public and private organisations to promote these measures.

The strategic directions for the organisations include:

recruitment of homeless people;

promoting initiatives to support people left on the street to obtain vocational qualifications and higher levels of education;

implementation of policies on access to microcredit.





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