The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts holds a series of master classes in Senegal



The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts holds a series of master classes in Senegal

GITIS may become the main engine of creative education for Senegalese people

The Russian Institute of Theatre Arts – GITIS, a partner of TV BRICS, gave a series of master classes on classical and folk dance, vocal and acting skills for actors of the Daniel Sorano National Theatre, students of the National School of Arts and the ballet academy of the Grand Theatre of Senegal.

The initiator of the renewal of cultural ties between Russia and Senegal was Slu Akimgereeva, a graduate of the ballet department of GITIS and director of the ballet academy of the Grand Theatre of Senegal.

“On his visit in autumn, GITIS Rector Grigory Zaslavsky heard all my wishes, and together we realised the trip of GITIS students and teachers to Senegal. Today, Africa needs the support that the USSR provided. We had co-operation when Soviet specialists – teachers in acting, dance and piano – came to Senegal. Thanks to these ties, very good performances were staged in Senegal, and there were other creative young people trained by Russian specialists. And today with joy and reverent respect Senegalese want to continue cultural co-operation with Russia. <…> If we are familiar with choreography, musical theatre is a novelty for Senegal, which we want to develop. The big problem is that there is no structured creative education in Senegal, and I think that GITIS can occupy this niche,” told Slu.

Competitors to Russian dancers in Senegal are Italians, Belgians and French. However, the influence of the Russian theatre school in Senegal is undeniable. Masterclasses on classical dance were conducted by Maksim Valukin, professor of the choreography department of GITIS.

“At the masterclasses there were young guys interested in seeing the process of teaching – conducting a classical dance lesson at GITIS and trying to repeat something. The young people showed great interest in ballet. <…> The guys are very interested in Russian culture and getting new knowledge, because thanks to our alumna Slu Akimgereeva and our arrival, GITIS for Senegalese became a higher education institution of theatre art, which is worth being guided by”, explains Maksim Valukin, Professor of the Choreography Department of GITIS.

The creative trip of GITIS to Dakar ended with a concert at the Grand Theatre of Senegal. Ballet students Evgeny Khandras and Ksenia Rudenko and musical theatre students Zakhar Kuts and Alessandra Romanko took to the stage. The programme included Russian folk dances, arias and duets from Russian and foreign operas. The audience received the students of GITIS with great gratitude.

The events in Senegal were held as part of the Priority 2030 strategic academic leadership programme.





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