The UAE Ministry of Finance implements robotic process automation



The UAE Ministry of Finance implements robotic process automation

The automation has saved 39,000 hours of human labour

The Ministry uses robots (software applications that perform automated tasks), with chatbots being one of the most common types. They manage telephone or online interactions between institutions and their customers. The Ministry of Finance uses them on its digital procurement platform, speeding up processes from 60 days to 6 minutes. This increases competition for government contracts, allowing more small companies to participate.

Today, such robots are increasingly being used in the public sector as government organisations look to improve efficiency and customer service. This is reported by
ANI, a partner of TV BRICS.

Robots are increasingly being introduced into public life in the UAE, with government agencies and companies encouraging the use of robotics and artificial intelligence to improve service efficiency and business development across all sectors.

The presence of robots in public spaces, public and private organisations and institutions has become commonplace. They are seen as official employees capable of fulfilling requirements and completing transactions with ease, speed and extreme accuracy.

For example, a robotic barista does not need a permanent staff presence. With the help of robotics and artificial intelligence, the process of controlling the preparation of each cup of coffee is carried out, while the parameters are automatically adjusted during operation. Baristas take orders and payment, after which they prepare the drinks.

“The robot taking blood” is equipped with artificial intelligence and infrared technology, it provides efficient service, setting a new standard for healthcare automation.





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