The world’s youth take part in a development forum in China



The world’s youth take part in a development forum in China

Youth leaders and experts from around the world will discuss the importance of supporting the development of young people at the World Forum on Youth Development

Losang Jamkan, vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the 14th National People’s Congress of China, spoke at the opening ceremony of the forum about the need for policies that promote youth development and create a favorable social environment for their advancement. This was reported by 
China Daily, a partner of the TV BRICS network.

“We must provide them with better quality education, greater employment opportunities and diverse channels of participation. In this way, we will be able to unleash their creative spirit and potential,” he said.

Xu Xiao, president of the All-China Youth Federation, said China’s youth are involved in various aspects of national development, including economic construction, technological innovation, social services and environmental protection.

“More than 600 million young people have participated in actions to protect rivers and conserve resources,” Xu Xiao said.

Xu Haoliang, United Nations undersecretary-general and associate administrator of the UN Development Programme, emphasized the positive role of youth in driving change and implementing the Agenda.





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