The Zimbabwean government harnesses innovation in its industrialization programme



The Zimbabwean government harnesses innovation in its industrialization programme

Vice President of Zimbabwe  Constantino Chiwenga stresses the crucial role of innovation in propelling country towards vibrant industrialization and prosperous trade

The second day of the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair began with a speech by Constantino Chiwenga to the attendees of the International Business Conference. This is reported by
ZBC News, a partner of TV BRICS.

Attracting more than 800 local and foreign delegates, it took place in Bulawayo with the 64th ZITF edition. Constantino Chiwenga, the honorary guest of the business conference, advised the business sector to use innovation as a primary engine for industrialization.

According to the source, the conference has developed into a crucial forum for dialogue and a significant yearly occasion that influences the conversation about national development. The nation’s goals, as outlined in the top national development strategy, were well aligned with this year’s theme.

The source claims that, in this sense, Zimbabweans must use innovation to advance commerce and industry.

The administration of the nation is well aware that a favourable ecosystem consisting of a stable infrastructure and a conducive atmosphere is necessary for successful innovation. The International Trade Fair demonstrated that energy is the most crucial component for the effective development of innovations. It will be extremely difficult to unleash our scientists’ creative potential without a sufficient energy source.

A feasibility study on wind resource evaluation was commissioned with technical assistance from the African Development Bank as part of plans to investigate wind energy prospects.

Speaking about the recently implemented ZiG currency, Vice President Chiwenga stated that it was done to guarantee a stable microeconomic climate throughout the nation.

Chiwenga also said the ZITF demonstrates that Zimbabwe is headed in the right direction towards realising Vision 2030, and I have no doubt that we can do so before 2030.





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