TV BRICS partner in South Africa launches a TV channel about Chinese culture



TV BRICS partner in South Africa launches a TV channel about Chinese culture

The media partnership with CCTV+ is the result of the South African channel’s collaboration with TV BRICS

South African internet channel
DUrban TV, together with China Media Group, China’s largest broadcasting corporation, is launching the TV channel ChinaVU in South Africa. The project is one of the results of years of work between DUrban TV and TV BRICS.

DUrban TV, the only online channel telling the story of the South African city of Durban to the world.

DUrban TV has launched a new ChinaVU channel. The event is timed to coincide with the Chinese New Year. The move will provide Durban with a unique opportunity to share content with CCTV+ media partners and establish direct contact with the sister city of Guangzhou and Guangdong Province.

Thanks to the partnership with CCTV+, DUrban TV’s content is already distributed in China through the AMSP (China Media Group) news network.

The partnership with CCTV+ is a direct result of the South African channel’s engagement with the international TV BRICS network. DUrban TV has been a partner of the international network since 2017. Thanks to this co-operation, the channel’s content can be seen in all BRICS member countries – China, Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa, and in the future in Egypt, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia.

CCTV+ is a partner of TV BRICS.

DUrban TV is also looking forward to establishing a similar media relationship with Xiamen’s sister city media to further promote Durban’s positive image as the country’s investment centre.





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