UAE capital launches programme to support Emirati families



UAE capital launches programme to support Emirati families

Authorities encourage marriage and the desire to have children

The Abu Dhabi Department of Community Development (DCD) has launched a programme to support Emirati families. This is reported by
Emirates News Agency (WAM), a partner of TV BRICS.

The initiative includes six points to improve the situation of UAE citizens getting married and raising children. The programme is in line with Abu Dhabi’s strategy to improve the quality of life of the population by 2028 and aims to ensure the stability of Emirati families.

The authorities support marriage loans, maternity leave for women working in the private sector, and home-based services for young mothers. In addition, recently married couples can be allocated temporary housing, have their loan deducted for them, and have their home loan repayment extended.

The programme will be implemented for 5 years, after which the authorities will evaluate its effect, the publication notes.





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