UAE identifies nine key areas of global biodiversity



UAE identifies nine key areas of global biodiversity

The national initiatives of the UAE have led to this accomplishment

Nine key biodiversity areas of worldwide significance have been established in the United Arab Emirates, according to the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) of Saudi Arabia. This is reported by
Emirates News Agency (WAM), a partner of TV BRICS.

The nine newly designated key biodiversity areas (KBA) are the following: the Arabian Oryx Protected Area in Abu Dhabi; the Marawah Marine Area in Abu Dhabi; Al Yasat Marine Area in Abu Dhabi; Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve in Dubai; the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve; Wadi Al-Helo in Sharjah; Khor Fakan and Shark Island in Sharjah; Wadi Al-Bih in Ras Al Khaimah; and Siniyah Island and Khor Al Beidah in Umm Al Qaiwain.

National actions within the context of the Year of Sustainable Development and dedication of biodiversity conservation and nature conservation have resulted in the idntification of nine major biodiversity zones in the United Arab Emirates.

By maintaining ecosystems and giving them the natural resources they require, these locations preserve an ecological balance while offering a safe haven or a variety of plant and animal species.

Additionally, they guarantee preservation of the ecosystem naturally through processes ike soil quality mprovement, water and air cleaning, and accumulation.





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