UAE launches initiative to restore biodiversity



UAE launches initiative to restore biodiversity

Increasing biodiversity is the key to reviving nature and achieving sustainable development in the UAE⁠

Amna bint Abdullah Al Dahak, UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment, underlined the importance of boosting biodiversity in order to restore Mother Nature and the planet’s natural ecosystems. The Minister highlighted the importance of the UAE’s efforts to tackle climate change by preserving the environment, promoting sustainable growth across all sectors, and using natural solutions. This is reported by
Emirates News Agency (WAM), a partner of TV BRICS.

Amna bint Abdullah Al Dahak asserts that in order to accomplish social and economic growth in the United Arab Emirates and around the world, nature serves as the primary barrier. It is crucial for preserving ecological equilibrium, protecting natural resources, and mitigating the consequences of climate change. The world and humankind are seriously threatened by the loss of biodiversity.

Experts estimate that, mostly as a result of deforestation and desertification, there has been a dramatic 69 per cent decline in wildlife populations worldwide during the previous 50 years. Over 70 per cent of the Earth’s ice-free areas have undergone changes due to human activities, posing additional animal extinction threats and causing more species to become extinct.

The source claims that since the UAE is home to 49 protected areas that are overflowing with endangered species and biodiversity, boosting biodiversity is a high priority for the nation.

Furthermore, because mangrove forests play a critical function as natural carbon stores and contribute to the preservation of coastal ecosystems, the UAE places a high priority on their growth. The United Arab Emirates’ pledge to grow 100 million mangrove trees by 2030 is an illustration of this devotion.





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