UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaks at BRICS summit about two benchmarks on the way to a multipolar world



UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaks at BRICS summit about two benchmarks on the way to a multipolar world

⁠The head of the world organisation made a speech on the final day of the BRICS summit

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres attended the BRICS summit for the first time. In his
speech he spoke about the need to reform the Security Council of the world organisation and the Bretton Woods financial system.

Guterres noted that he sees two directions for achieving a harmonious and fair world order.

First of all, it is about efforts in the economic front.

“We must urgently restore trust and reinvigorate multilateralism for the 21st century. This requires the courage to compromise in the reforms that are necessary for the common good.

It requires full respect for the UN Charter, international law, universal values, and all human rights – social, cultural, economic, civil, and political. Redesigning today’s outdated, dysfunctional, and unfair global financial architecture is necessary, but I know it won’t happen overnight. 

Yet we can – and must – take practical action now. The Sustainable Development Goals’ Stimulus I have proposed, an effective debt workout mechanism, and other steps necessary to multiple the resources available for developing countries are vital for sustainable development in Africa,” he said.

The second front is combating climate change and achieving climate justice. The Secretary General recalled:

“I have put forward a Climate Solidarity Pact in which developed countries provide financial and technical support to help emerging economies – in Africa and beyond – to promote an equitable and just transition to renewable energy.

And I have presented an Acceleration Agenda to boost these efforts – with developed countries committing to reach net zero emissions as close as possible to 2040, and developing countries as close as possible to 2050.

Developed countries must also finally keep their promises to developing countries: by meeting the $100 billion goal, doubling adaptation finance, replenishing the Green Climate Fund, and operationalizing the loss and damage fund this year. As a matter of justice, Africa must be considered a priority in all these efforts.”

Antonio Guterres called for an integrated and cooperative response to common challenges for a better future.

Photo: screenshot of the live broadcast of the UN Secretary General’s speech at the BRICS summit




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