United Nations (UN) admits UAE to Statistical Commission



United Nations (UN) admits UAE to Statistical Commission

The UAE will be included in the commission for the term 2025-2028

This selection supports the UAE’s participation in international initiatives and the sharing of best practices to improve statistical analyses, and promotes the creation of digital platforms for data sharing.

Key Role

The UN Statistical Commission, comprising 24 countries elected by the Economic and Social Council, is the pinnacle of the global statistical system. The UAE’s election to the commission highlights the country as a leader in the digital transformation of statistics and celebrates national and international improvements in the statistical sector. This is reported by
Emirates News Agency (WAM), a partner of TV BRICS.

Experience and knowledge sharing

The UAE’s membership in the commission provides a platform for sharing experience and statistical knowledge with other countries. It strengthens global statistical leadership, promotes the adoption of international standards and practices, and the use of technology to advance the field.

Future planning

The use of technology, digital solutions and artificial intelligence in the UAE’s statistical system, supported by local statistical centres, makes it a valuable model for strategic planning and proactive decision-making. This move will support the government and improve the statistical sector internationally.

Global impact

The UAE’s membership in the commission will strengthen their efforts in the global statistical community, promote the development of standards and concepts, and support best statistical practices. It will also help spread the UAE’s expertise and raise awareness of the importance of data and artificial intelligence for the future of the statistical sector.

This important event reflects the UAE’s commitment to develop and share its success in the field of statistics in the international arena.





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