What to change in Russia from 1 June?



What to change in Russia from 1 June?

Several new rules and laws will come into effect

Division of tourist routes by types of difficulty

From June, the country will determine the types and categories of complexity of tourist routes that require accompaniment by a certified instructor. Regions will be able to determine the presence of certain routes on their territory. Instructors-guides will be obliged to notify regional executive authorities that they accompany tourists on such a route, before and after its passage.

Control over the turnover of alcoholic beverages

Starting from 1 June, the turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products will require accompanying electronic documents.

Rules for the unified child allowance

From June, when calculating the average per capita income to determine the amount of a single allowance, the amount of child support will be calculated according to the new. If payments are set by the court, the amount of funds actually received is considered. If the parents were able to agree on alimony, they will take into account the amount specified in the application. At the same time, it should not be less than the minimum guarantees provided by law.

Liability for involving children in committing offences

Since June 9, the law establishing criminal liability for involving minors in committing three or more crimes of small or medium gravity will come into force. The perpetrator can be awarded up to eight years in prison.

Support of artistic crafts

From June 10, regional authorities will be able to provide information, financial, consulting, organisational and other support measures to craftsmen. They will be able to formalise self-employment.





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