Zimbabwe First Lady’s programme becomes international



Zimbabwe First Lady’s programme becomes international

It was attended by guests from Namibia, South Korea and Zambia

The National Junior Councils Association of Zimbabwe held its 9th National Junior Councils Conference in Victoria Falls. For the first time the conference attracted international delegates from South Korea, Namibia and Zambia. The programme is aimed at re-acquainting young people with the country’s rich cultural heritage. This is reported by
The Herald.

Participants at the event thanked Zimbabwe’s First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa and said that the programme should be replicated in other countries to restore pan-Africanism and identity. “Today we have received wonderful guidance from Her Excellency, First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa,” said Fisabo Mapalo, junior mayor for Walvis Bay in Namibia, who represented her country.

“I would definitely want her to come to Namibia to put this into practice because I believe that everyone needs to know their heritage,” the leader said.

According to the young people, learning about one’s own history is crucial. They said such programmes give them a wealth of knowledge and allow them to speak proudly about Pan-Africanism.

The First Lady also urged young people to focus on education, uplift their families.

“Respect yourself, come up with a career that you would like to pursue. Fight for that career, obtain it,” she said.

Mnangagwa called for investment in young leaders who will promote sustainable development and build progressive communities, and thanked the Ministry of Local Government and Public Works, which hosted the two-day conference, for its commitment to providing platforms for young people to actively participate in decision-making.





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