Zimbabwe University runs pilot project to produce biofertilisers



Zimbabwe University runs pilot project to produce biofertilisers

The project could increase crop yields while reducing dependence on chemical fertilisers

The source claims that Zimbabwe’s National University of Science and Technology (NUST) is starting a pilot project to create a biofertiliser that has the potential to completely transform the agriculture industry. This is reported by
ZBC News, a partner of TV BRICS.

Running until July 2025, the prototype pilot programme should be a significant step towards Zimbabwe’s transition to a more sustainable agricultural economy that ensures food security and lowers the country’s exorbitant fertiliser expenses.

The project’s major goal is to use natural systems – in this case, microorganisms – to collect nutrients from the soil.

According to experts, the idea might boost crop yields while lowering reliance on synthetic fertilisers.

It is anticipated that the project will empower local farmers, advance sustainable agricultural practices, and open the door for the large-scale manufacturing and distribution of biofertiliser.





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