Zimbabweans take part in the World Youth Festival



Zimbabweans take part in World Youth Festival

They are interested in developing AI projects in their home country

Zimbabweans taking part in the World Youth Festival in Sochi are confident that the modern technologies on display at the event will help implement their country’s development programme.

With climate change threatening humanity, Zimbabwean youth believe that the use of modern technology and artificial intelligence will help create a high-income society. This is reported by
ZBC News, a partner of TV BRICS.

One of the proponents of this idea is Tapiwa Mukombe.

“We were looking at how AI can help in solving ecological problems and I came first in the competitions held and I think it can be applied back home,” said Mukombe.

The youth are interested in eco-friendly methods and technologies that can be applied to agriculture and transferred back home.

They also admire the example of Russia, which banned the export of raw base minerals and has developed because of this. The young people appreciate the opportunity to participate in this festival and promise to promote similar projects when they return to their country.





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