Zimbabwe’s First Lady promotes widow empowerment projects

Widows from Mashonaland West province who are members of the newly established Zimbabwe First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa Widows Association are successfully engaged in sewing, baking, detergent and Vaseline production. At the establishment of the association, Auxillia Mnangagwa presented them with starter packs. This is reported by
The Herald.

The association, which has a number of projects to empower widows, will be extended to all provinces.

Zimbabwe’s First Lady has been working with widows, implementing initiatives that are changing their lives. According to the women, they are now able to support themselves and their children with dignity.

Other projects implemented by the association and its partners include hairdressing, tailoring, floor polishing, candle making, project management and others.

So far, more than 2,000 widows from the province have been trained by the association and its partners. As part of the visit of the First Lady of Sanyati District last week, the widows showcased their products.

Emphasising the crucial role of mothers as role models for their children, the First Lady urged the women to inculcate hard work and education in their children by instilling the right values.

The mother of the nation spoke of the need for widows to be confident in themselves, their strengths and only strive for more:

“You have your own meaningful life to lead and as a widow you are a mother, father and aunt to your children. You need to raise your children on the correct path as they follow the teachings that you give them.. <…> This is only possible if you as a mother are disciplined and well-behaved. Work hard and uplift yourselves <…>,” she said.

Minister of state for mashonaland west provincial affairs and devolution Marian Chombo praised the First Lady for her programmes:

“We thank you verily for holding such empowerment programmes. <…> You are encouraging and empowering a lot of people and not just widows <…>.”




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