A conference on space debris is held in Saudi Arabia



A conference on space debris is held in Saudi Arabia

Now in space there are almost 128 million pieces of space debris larger than 1 mm and 34 thousand particles larger than 10 cm

In Riyadh held a conference on the problem of space debris “Towards Securing the Future of the Global Space Economy”. This is reported by
Arab News.

More than 260 experts from 50 different countries, including leaders of the space industry around the world, attended the conference, which lasted two days.

An exhibition was also organised to showcase local and international companies specialising in space technology and sciences.

The conference aims to create a safe and prosperous future for space exploration.

Space debris is solid waste from space activities. It can include inoperable satellites, upper stages and fragments of satellites after explosions or collisions, such as cladding fragments.

The Kingdom is working to implement laws, policies, research, innovation and the development of effective global governance mechanisms to reduce the impact of space debris.





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