According to preliminary data, Vladimir Putin is in the lead in the Russian presidential election



According to preliminary data, Vladimir Putin is in lead in Russian presidential election

The last polling stations have closed

Voting in the presidential election has ended in Russia. It started on Friday, 15 March, and lasted three days. The last polling stations closed in Kaliningrad at 20:00 (21:00 Moscow time).

Four candidates competed for votes in the first round of elections. Four candidates competed for votes in the first round of the election. According to preliminary calculations, incumbent head of state Vladimir Putin received 87,68 per cent of the vote, while Nikolay Kharitonov, a member of the presidium of the CPRF Central Committee, received 3,95 per cent. Vladislav Davankov, deputy speaker of the State Duma nominated by the New People party, got 2,03 per cent, while LDPR leader Leonid Slutsky got 4,6 per cent.

According to the observation headquarters in Moscow, Vladimir Putin has gained 88,8 per cent in the presidential election after processing 70,09 per cent of the protocols.

Turnout at the presidential election 2024

The turnout at the Russian presidential election in the country as a whole exceeded a record 74,22 per cent. In Moscow, 66 per cent of voters cast their ballots. The turnout in Russia’s remote electronic voting was 94 per cent. According to preliminary results, Vladimir Putin gains 89,1 per cent in Moscow based on the results of voting online and through electronic terminals.

Over 4,300 Russian citizens voted in the Russian presidential election on the territory of the People’s Republic of China, while 1,700 people voted in India.

With one candidate gaining more than half of the votes, the results of the election will be decided on the basis of the first round.

Election commissions in Russia’s regions must publish the official data of their protocols in regional media no later than two weeks from election day. The
Central Election Commission (CEC) releases the official election results within three days of the signing of the final results protocol.

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