Amina Jane Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General: Investment is needed to realise each of the 17 SDGs



Amina Jane Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General: Investment is needed to realise each of the 17 SDGs

The politician stated this at a press briefing on the SDG Summit

On Friday, 16 September, a
press briefing was held on the SDG Summit that will be held on the margins of the UN General Assembly next week.

The event was attended by UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina J. Mohammed. She shared the organisation’s expectations from the upcoming SDG Summit and the High-Level Week of the 78th UN General Assembly.

“We still believe that the best way to prevent and tackle these challenges [climate change, inequality, post pandemic issues] is one framework that no one argues with that everyone can see themselves in and the investments are related to every of those 17 goals in sustainable development pledged to Agenda 2030”

Amina Jane Mohammed UN Deputy Secretary-General

Achim Steiner, Administrator of the UN Development Programme said, “The SDG goals aren’t of the developing world. They are co-equally owned and an obligation of developed and developing countries”.

Selwin Hart, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Climate Action, said that action on the SDGs must be taken as soon as possible: “It is absolutely clear that we need to do things with great urgency, warn accelerating the pace of the decarbonisation to keep the goals of the Paris agreement within rich. The G20 accounts for 80% of global emissions.”

For his part, Navid Hanif, Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, added that the people of these countries need capacities to improve the current processes of the world: “Institutions have to be given the capacity to implement the SDGs. <…> It’s time for transformation in global commitment to advance the SDGs.”

On 18-19 September 2023, Heads of State and Government will convene at UN Headquarters in New York to review progress on the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and to provide high-level policy guidance for accelerating transformation towards the 2030 deadline for achieving the goals.

The outcome will be the adoption of an agreed political declaration.

The 78th session of the UN General Assembly officially opened in New York on 5 September. The culmination of the event will be the High-Level Week from 18-25 September, which will bring together leaders and foreign ministers from around the world. The Russian delegation will be led by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

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