China hosts the Northeast Asia Young Entrepreneurs’ Development and Cooperation Forum



China hosts the Northeast Asia Young Entrepreneurs’ Development and Cooperation Forum

About 200 representatives of cooperative institutions and young entrepreneurs from different countries attended the forum⁠

The Northeast Asia Young Entrepreneurs Development and Cooperation Forum was held in Changchun, organised by the All-China Youth Federation and the People’s Government of Jilin Province. The theme of the forum was “innovative development, mutually beneficial cooperation”.

Xu Xiao, executive secretary of the Central Secretariat of the Communist Youth Union (Central Committee of the Komsomol) and Lian Renzhe, vice chairman of the All-China Youth Federation and deputy governor of the People’s Government of Jilin Province made speeches at the event.

About 200 representatives of cooperative institutions and young entrepreneurs from China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Russia and other countries attended the forum.

The participants agreed that Northeast Asia is one of the most dynamically developing regions in the world. In recent years, in line with the trend of peaceful development and mutually beneficial cooperation, ties among Northeast Asian countries have steadily developed, economic and trade exchanges have become more frequent, and regional cooperation has continued to reach new levels.

Jilin Province is located in the geographical centre of Northeast Asia and is an important part of China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative. The province has development advantages in industries such as automobile manufacturing, intensive agricultural processing, ecotourism, medicine and health, petrochemicals, machinery manufacturing and electronic information.

The young entrepreneurs from Northeast Asian countries were encouraged to adhere to the principles of openness and integration, strengthen the foundations of regional cooperation, adhere to innovation leadership, promote the vitality of regional innovation, adhere to unity and cooperation, promote regional prosperity and development, invest in Jilin and carry out exchanges and cooperation in various fields to help develop regional economic integration in Northeast Asia.

Foreign youth representatives attending the meeting said that strengthening economic and trade cooperation among Northeast Asian countries is not only beneficial to their own development, but also crucial to regional and global economic prosperity. They intend to make effective use of the Northeast Asia EXPO platform to build consensus, enhance cooperation, seek common development and create a better future together with entrepreneurs from Northeast Asian countries.

The forum adopted the “Declaration on the Economic Cooperation of Northeast Asian Young Entrepreneurs (Changchun)”, calling on Northeast Asian young entrepreneurs to actively explore and innovate, build mutual understanding and trust, and realise and promote the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with practical actions and contribute to strengthening the regional and global economy.

The forum also included activities such as promotion of economic and trade cooperation projects, thematic dialogues with young entrepreneurs, and research on specific production. As a result, 29 intentions for cooperation were reached with a total value of 1.41 billion yuan (US$193.4 million).

The forum is a special event of the 14th Northeast Asia Expo, which aims to build a platform for young entrepreneurs in Northeast Asia, as reported by Rainbow of China, a partner of TV BRICS.

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