China in BRICS: Goals and prospects



China in BRICS: Goals and prospects

China, one of the major players in the global economy, continues to strengthen its position within BRICS

What are China’s goals for BRICS membership?

China, or the People’s Republic of China, is a nation whose GDP is 18.5 per cent of the world’s GDP. The Chinese government has created conditions for business development, innovation, new forms of communication and intercultural dialogue. The Celestial Empire has managed to achieve astonishing success. 

How much has this been influenced by the fact that China is a member of BRICS?

The Chinese government is tackling the tasks set before it in a purely Chinese way. Step by step, by strengthening its position within the interregional cooperation organisation, Beijing is sending a fundamentally new message to the international community. This includes both China’s role in the global political space and the Chinese Communist Party’s future plans to transform the current reality.

What does China have to offer in BRICS?

Opportunities to broaden and deepen the diversification of political strategies to which the establishment has resorted. With the natural course of the historical process, formats of interaction between countries are changing, and there are qualitative shifts in how the parties see each other.

Social contradictions in the most diverse regions of the world are being revisited in order to strengthen intra-state relations. Embodying the vector of co-operation between countries, China demonstrates an example of consistent inclusion in integration processes. This is exactly the feature that can be utilised to further promote the positions of the BRICS international club members.

Financial and economic foundation for BRICS+ expansion. Trade links within and outside the united interregional cooperation organisation provide an opportunity to improve the quality of communication between diverse interest groups around the world.

What are the expected outcomes of China’s participation in BRICS?

Positive prospects for increasing and developing China’s potential contribution to global diplomacy, trade, social and cultural affairs are guarded as a natural outcome of the association’s continued existence.





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