China unveils science and technology challenges



China unveils major science and technology challenges for 2023

The China Association of Science and Technology (CAST) has released a list of major issues in science, technology, engineering, technology and industrial technology for 2023

A total of 29 issues in areas such as artificial intelligence, new energy, high-performance materials and life sciences were highlighted at the main forum of CAST’s annual conference on Sunday in Hefei, East China’s Anhui province, as reported by
Xinhua News Agency, a partner of TV BRICS.

This year’s call for candidates received 590 proposals on scientific and technological issues in ten fields, including basic science, earth science, environmental environment, manufacturing technology, information technology, advanced materials, resources and energy, agricultural science and technology, life health, aerospace science and general technology.

A total of 117 academicians participated in making recommendations and evaluating issues.

Photo: Xinhua News Agency




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