China’s fifth spaceport is ready for operation



China’s fifth spaceport is ready for operation

The facility will be the first commercial launch complex in the country

The People’s Republic of China is ready to start operating the country’s first spaceport for international commercial launches. It is located in the city of Wenchang, on the coast of the southern province of Hainan. This is reported by
China Daily, a partner of TV BRICS.

Specialists have found that the complex meets the necessary requirements. On June 30, they conducted tests with a simulated launch of a carrier rocket. The spaceport covers an area of about 133 hectares.

The report points out that the first launch is planned to be carried out in 2024. In the future, the spaceport is planned to be expanded with several additional launch pads.

Construction of a commercial space harbour on Hainan Island began in July 2022. It is currently equipped to launch several types of rockets.

There is another spaceport in Wenchang, whose operation began in 2016. It is one of China’s four space launch complexes so far.

Photo: China Daily




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