China’s spacecraft to fly to the moon to be named Mengzhou



China’s spacecraft to fly to the moon to be named Mengzhou

The name was chosen from options suggested by the public

China’s new-generation spacecraft designed for manned missions to explore the Moon will be named “Mengzhou” (“Dream Chelin”). This is reported by
Xinhua News Agency a partner of TV BRICS.

“The name indicates that manned missions to explore the surface of the Moon reflect the dream of the Chinese people and mark the beginning of a new path of space exploration,” the office said.

At the same time, the lunar landing module will carry the name “Lanyue” (“Get the Moon from the Sky”), borrowed from a poem by Mao Zedong.

The names were selected from nearly 2,000 suggestions from the public.

The Mengzhou, Lanyue and Chang Zheng-10 launch vehicles are currently under development, the ministry added.

According to the plan, the first landing of Chinese astronauts on the lunar surface will take place before 2030. During the manned mission, two launch vehicles will be launched to the Earth’s only satellite, with the help of which a spacecraft and a landing module will be put into lunar orbit.





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